Speech Therapy

I sat down by the blocks and began to play with it. It was something that I could do while I waited for the therapy session to begin. I curled my lips into a smile as I fit all of the pieces together. A tall brunette haired woman walked into the room as I felt [...]

That Noir Feeling

When I stepped inside one of the portables, I took the seat that’s closest towards the front. I wasn’t keen on wearing my corrective lenses. We were halfway through the semester and in the middle of watching the end of The Maltese Falcon, before the teacher introduced us to the next film in the class. [...]

My Getaway Car

The month of December had been nothing but a roller coaster ride for my Mental Health. You can say that it's been both bad and good but in my mind it hadn't been all glitters and unicorns. I've had it worse. I couldn't keep up with everyone else. And worse of them all, I couldn't [...]

To All The Girls

To All The Girls, We aren't all up to your standards. We aren't all monotoned jerks who thinks that Legally Blonde is just some dumb comedy. This woman speaks for herself when it comes to showing off what she's capable of. She's capable of breaking down. She's capable of being a viper. A cold viper. [...]