I’d Rather Not

People always tell me that Autism Speaks is a reliable source to learn about Autism. It is for those who thinks that Autism needs to be "cured" and the entire organization thinks that Autism is a "disease". The Autism Community doesn't need that from people. Just acceptance!

Seven Aggravations

I haven't written anything about what I don't like which affects my mental state. Calling them irritations will be street. Calling them displeasures will be eroticising autistic females. Calling them ill-temperment will be child's play. I call them aggravations as it amplifies negative qualities in someone with Autism. Here are some of mine: People touching [...]

Thorns On Roses

Pink Roses on Grass[Picture by pixel2013] Stories about what happened to other people is something that people should be watching. I know that I love me a good musical every now and then but I’m also a Biopic kind of girl. There’s something about Biopics that I’ve loved every since I gotten into the genre. [...]