Dandelion Wishes

When I was in Wales, I used to pick white dandelions off the grass and blow on them. Pretty much the highlight of my day every summer that I spend sitting down on the grass during lunch at a Protestant school. I could still remember the Welsh breeze that feels like home. Twelve years old, [...]

Backwards Barbie

Obsession isn’t something that you tell to someone on the Spectrum. And I’ll admit that I’m the type of person to push someone into trying something new, to not get caught up in their comfort zone. It's not need of mine to push other to trying something new. It's a habit, a good habit. One [...]

Didn’t Have That

Being stuck in a room for mental examinations and therapy sessions, I was not able to have a normal childhood experience. I didn't have a normal childhood because of that. I was afraid to say that I wanted to go out there and seek opportunities for myself as a child interested in the arts because [...]

My Getaway Car

The month of December had been nothing but a roller coaster ride for my Mental Health. You can say that it's been both bad and good but in my mind it hadn't been all glitters and unicorns. I've had it worse. I couldn't keep up with everyone else. And worse of them all, I couldn't [...]