The Reign of a Sultana

The story of Aladdin might be about a commoner turned Prince to anyone who grew up watching the animated classic, Aladdin. If you haven't listened to all three soundtracks for Aladdin and compared the three, you haven't noticed where Princess Jasmine actually lies within Aladdin's story. ➵ The New Empowerment Anthem (20/5/2019) In the original [...]

The New Empowerment Anthem

I always know Jasmine as strong and knows her own mind.Naomi Scott Speechless Special Look Growing up with Disney animated films like Disney's Aladdin, I've always found something in these Disney Heroines that I can relate to. There's always something about the animated Disney classic, Aladdin that I always went back to. Princess Jasmine [...]

Queens of Six

If you are looking for something to cure your problems of people being negative, here's a musical that is confidence centric. The Cast of SIX Ex-Wives ;; The cast album opens with how History books has written six women lost under the shadow of the infamous Henry VIII. The song starts off with the SIX [...]

Thorns On Roses

Pink Roses on Grass[Picture by pixel2013] Stories about what happened to other people is something that people should be watching. I know that I love me a good musical every now and then but I’m also a Biopic kind of girl. There’s something about Biopics that I’ve loved every since I gotten into the genre. [...]