Shawn Mendes

I walked towards a boy with what seemed to be the boy’s father. “Excuse me.” I said to the boy. “Can you take a picture of me in front of this wall right here?” “Do you want me to take the picture instead?” The man asked me, reaching for my phone. “No, thank you.” I [...]

Speech Therapy

I sat down by the blocks and began to play with it. It was something that I could do while I waited for the therapy session to begin. I curled my lips into a smile as I fit all of the pieces together. A tall brunette haired woman walked into the room as I felt [...]

I’d Rather Not

People always tell me that Autism Speaks is a reliable source to learn about Autism. It is for those who thinks that Autism needs to be "cured" and the entire organization thinks that Autism is a "disease". The Autism Community doesn't need that from people. Just acceptance!

Seven Aggravations

I haven't written anything about what I don't like which affects my mental state. Calling them irritations will be street. Calling them displeasures will be eroticising autistic females. Calling them ill-temperment will be child's play. I call them aggravations as it amplifies negative qualities in someone with Autism. Here are some of mine: People touching [...]