Ode to Marvel Women

In the movies, Natasha Romanoff Is the assassin With a specific skillset In the movies, Peggy Carter Is the Founding Mother Of S.H.I.E.L.D. In the movies, Peppers Potts Is the C.E.O. Of STARK Industries In the movies, Hela of Asgard Is the rightful Ruler And Queen of Asgard In the movies, Hope Van Dyne Is [...]

Engraved In Stone

For the greatest sorceress, cursed, These million little stars in acidic water  Death came like a speck of dust And a snowstorm in mid-July Tears flow like an endless river Shallowed voices in rejoice, Rejoicing in treacherous numbers Only the heathens mourned her "No harm done when you see tricks, Unadulterated scandal with the witch" [...]