Mr American Boy

when she broke his heart, she broke it harD. yet, i was the one he blamed for her actIons. he was desperate for a yell-back girL. it didn't matter to him when all that i couLd smell is the whiskey in his breath. see? i'm nOt the one to blame. wheN the fault is on [...]


There was, this saying That all good things Must come to an end, And things starts to bend. There are walls built, To stand the hurricanes. At twelve, Bridges are crossed Mountains are climbed But often play pretend As we go 'bout the day Our minds tend to evolve. Everyone has their monsters That they [...]


My mind is Blonde. I don't run out of love When I held the glass of bubbly in my left. Beautiful blue, greens by the fireplace While our children howl under the moonlight and the stars, And the atmosphere of how we fell apart. I don't have the heart to lie to you. You should [...]

So Yesterday…

So yesterday, I had so much free time before class started. I began to pace back and forth in one place of the hallway, listening to music. That I don't often blast through the speakers when I'm home alone. Long story, short. I wrote a few poems about "blind love" in my journal. xo

Dandelion Wishes

Photo from pxhere Used to pick up white dandelions Off the grass and blow them away Pretty much the highlight of my day Remembered that Welsh breeze, Blowing through my raven hair That feels like home sweet home A twelve year old, Lent Lily Making welsh cakes With the ladies of the backroom Singing praises [...]

Goodbye Butterfly

Art by Anna Pishko Before he calls me up... Before he makes up lies... Before he wants to ask me... I just want him to know Darling, I can see through him I see through his "pain" And that's not okay He pretended to suffer on a cross Because I was actually right He cried [...]

He Said

Photo found on Google He threw me into a riot That left me badly bruised. He burnt me into a fire That got me screaming. He went around saying That I was delusional When I've created A universe in my head. He said that I was crazy But honey, I'm only me. He said that [...]