Dandelion Wishes

When I was in Wales, I used to pick white dandelions off the grass and blow on them. Pretty much the highlight of my day every summer that I spend sitting down on the grass during lunch at a Protestant school. I could still remember the Welsh breeze that feels like home. Twelve years old, [...]

The Soundtrack

I've been the one to completely think of a soundtrack before writing the story. This includes writing a script for a class. I'm always creating a playlist for characters in the story to create a certain feel on how they act around other characters in story. To a writer, there are multiple playlist created for [...]

Sick of This

I'm sick of this. I'm sick of having to cry just to be heard. I'm sick of being mistaken for liking someone because I'm too nice. I'm sick of being told to help around the house because I'm female. I'm sick of being called a tomboy for actually being interested in "guy" stuff. I'm sick [...]

I’d Rather Not

People always tell me that Autism Speaks is a reliable source to learn about Autism. It is for those who thinks that Autism needs to be "cured" and the entire organization thinks that Autism is a "disease". The Autism Community doesn't need that from people. Just acceptance!