So Yesterday…

So yesterday, I had so much free time before class started. I began to pace back and forth in one place of the hallway, listening to music. That I don't often blast through the speakers when I'm home alone. Long story, short. I wrote a few poems about "blind love" in my journal. xo

The Lunar Calendar

Photo from Pixabay What I haven't told you guys yet is that I was born during the Year of the Boar. A fearless animal and a clean one too, which is a little opposite of what a Boar is. I'm very loyal and very artistically driven rather than domestically driven. I'm not afraid to say [...]

Dandelion Wishes

Photo from pxhere Used to pick up white dandelions Off the grass and blow them away Pretty much the highlight of my day Remembered that Welsh breeze, Blowing through my raven hair That feels like home sweet home A twelve year old, Lent Lily Making welsh cakes With the ladies of the backroom Singing praises [...]

Goodbye Butterfly

Art by Anna Pishko Before he calls me up... Before he makes up lies... Before he wants to ask me... I just want him to know Darling, I can see through him I see through his "pain" And that's not okay He pretended to suffer on a cross Because I was actually right He cried [...]

He Said

Photo found on Google He threw me into a riot That left me badly bruised. He burnt me into a fire That got me screaming. He went around saying That I was delusional When I've created A universe in my head. He said that I was crazy But honey, I'm only me. He said that [...]

Ode to Marvel Women

In the movies, Natasha Romanoff Is the assassin With a specific skillset In the movies, Peggy Carter Is the Founding Mother Of S.H.I.E.L.D. In the movies, Peppers Potts Is the C.E.O. Of STARK Industries In the movies, Hela of Asgard Is the rightful Ruler And Queen of Asgard In the movies, Hope Van Dyne Is [...]

Engraved In Stone

For the greatest sorceress, cursed, These million little stars in acidic water  Death came like a speck of dust And a snowstorm in mid-July Tears flow like an endless river Shallowed voices in rejoice, Rejoicing in treacherous numbers Only the heathens mourned her "No harm done when you see tricks, Unadulterated scandal with the witch" [...]