Why I Studied Film

Photo from wikimedia

When I was a little girl, I spent my time dreaming about the Hollywood lifestyle and wanting to be in it so much that I was driven to study Film in College.

During my days in ACMA, I found out about so many stories about people during the Golden Age of Hollywood. I fell in love with the love story of Clark Gable and Carole Lombard. Lombard’s family was very religious but she cursed a lot. She told the tabloids that Jane Alice Peters doesn’t curse but Carole Lombard does. Lombard changed her name legally to Carole Lombard and died in a plane crash as Carole Lombard Gable when the plane crashed just outside of Las Vegas.

Recently, I found out about Neile Adams who as an Actress during the 1950s. She’s a Filipina like me which makes me so happy. Adams dated Steve McQueen a Caucasian Actor. They dated each other despite of the racism that was going on back then towards the Asian-American community. I idolize Steve McQueen for that. He knew that Neile Adams deserved better but with all the racism that was going on. They broke up.

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