What I learned in Unity

Photo from Colourbox

I haven’t talked about why I was in Unity and what I learned about people and myself while I was there.

Leah, my roommate is suffering from BPD. I told her about KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) and people that I’ve met and heard about at PCC.

She told me, “I quit a really good job abruptly. I broke up with my boy who loves me. I had no insurance, no money, and had to start paying back my student loans.” She then stated, “BPD makes it hard for me to react at stress in a healthy way. I go crazy — off the rails — I feel out of control. If I feel like someone is leaving me or doesn’t love me anymore, I feel like it’d be easier to be dead.”

Naturally, I couldn’t help but agree with her.

She then added, “stress caused me to attempt suicide and end up at Unity.” She finally said, “I know Leah is in there but BPD sometimes makes her go away. I’m trying to find her now.”

Another person that I met in Unity is Kyle. He suffers from Depression like I do. He uses art to cope with his depression like I use poetry to cope with mine. He told me about blogging on Tumblr. I told him about my journey as a Blogger. He said to me that he might start a WordPress blog. I naturally told him that I might transfer from WordPress to Squarespace which didn’t end up happening at all.

I also learned a lot about myself while I was there. I learned that my racing thought is the main thing that keeps me up all night. And whatever I have going on at night, I have to write about it.

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