Cooking Mama

When I was a little girl, I would play Cooking Mama on my Nintendo DS. It is a favorite of mine. I learned from the game that it takes time for something to happen and that it won’t happen by magic. The game was something that kept my mind off the pressures of being perfect all the time.

Recently, I’ve found a version of Cooking Mama on my ipad. The recipes aren’t all available but you can purchase more recipes to do which is something that I don’t like about the game. I wish that the game developers would make every single recipe available for play. I also wish that customizing Mama would be much simplier like on the Nintendo DS. However, I am still learning how to play the ios version of the game.

In the ios version of Cooking Mama, you are able to play mini games like selling food, fishing, gardening, and opening up a restaurant. This is something that you can’t do on the Nintendo DS version of the game. I enjoy playing the mini games more than I enjoy playing the actual cooking part of the game. I do love the fact that you get to catch a fish or two. I also love that you can sell food at the supermarket. The game itself isn’t all that bad. It is quite enjoyable.

I give the game a four out of five stars.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Because of the game’s lack of available recipes.

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