The Miss Americana Documentary

I’ve seen Miss Americana three times now and I still find something about it that I can relate with. And her belief system of doing the right thing and doing the good thing is one of those things, because I had the same belief systems growing up. But I get called a bad girl because of it.

I don’t think that people are thinking straight when they are calling someone a bad girl because she’s doing the right thing or she’s following the rules. It’s just tragic.

People shouldn’t be called a bad girl because of the kindness of their heart. She’s kind because that’s what she knows what to do. She’s kind because she’s grew up that way.

I’m that person. It really upsets me that people would think the latter when it comes to the kindness of my heart. And I don’t think that people are thinking the way that I was. They’re all just saying that I’m a bad girl because of how nice I am. And that’s upsetting.

Taylor Swift tells the camera that she “[does] the good thing” and she “[does] the right thing” in order to stay sane but that caught up with her. She states that it is “something that she subscribed to as a kid” and that she is trained to be happy whenever she receives praise. And that is something that I related to every time that I watch the documentary.

It upsets me that that is the case whenever I watch Miss Americana and I wish that it wasn’t. But if I didn’t do the good thing, I wouldn’t be able to write this blog.

I’ve realized that doing the good thing is the same thing as doing the right thing. Life is better when you are always nice to people.

People will call you a bad girl just because you don’t force your opinions on other people. That is something that I’ve done throughout my days in Portland Community College.

I’ve always been the person who people tend to overlook during my College days because I don’t share my opinions. I don’t share my opinions to other people because I don’t want to offend anyone with what I think is wrong. I always want to share with people what I think is right.

I don’t know what’s wrong with subscribing to a belief system that works for me in the past. I’d rather not be the person who is friends with someone who doesn’t like doing the good thing. I’d rather be friends with someone who likes to do the good thing because it’s a good thing to fangirl over similar interests.

Another thing that I related to is her eating disorder. Although I didn’t exercise as much as Swift did in the past. I do hated how I look because of what people think when I was a little girl. I hated how I weighed because of family members telling me that I looked fat. It hurts knowing that the people that you grew up with are calling you fat.

I never realized that I was getting too skinny and I looked a little sick because of people calling me fat.

I’ve alwayse wanted for people to like me for me and not make fun of me because of my weight.

I’ve learned from my past that people calls other people names and bullies them because they are insecure. I was insecure of things because people are telling me that I was fat. So, I either ate less food or I wouldn’te eat anything. And I felt like crying myself to sleep because of no one would believe me when I tell them that I have an eating disorder.

It is impossible to meet each standard of beauty. It is truly fucking impossible. I wouldn’t suggest that you meet the beauty standard of your culture. Just be beautiful you.

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