Adult Jokes in Disney Animation

Disney films has been something of a cultural favourite amongst fans. Even I consider myself, a fan of Disney animation. If you don’t, well… this blog post isn’t for you. Because ever since graduating from Portland Community College, I’ve never found a lot to do but binge watch films on Disney + which is something that I’ll be doing as well when Loki premieres next spring.

However, when it comes to Disney animation everyone thinks of the latter which is it’s only for children. I beg to differ. Disney is notorious for adding jokes that adults tend to find humourous. it is something that I’ve been finding a lot of these past couple of days. But I won’t go into detail on which jokes that I found funny, it might spoil the fun.

Anna and Kristoff (and Sven) in Disney’s Frozen

In Frozen, Kristoff asks Anna what size does Hans has but he doesn’t mean shoe size. He means the size of Hans’ penis. Anna could respond with “I don’t know what you are talking about” which would make the joke more visible to everyone but instead she responds with “size doesn’t matter.”

In Frozen II, Kristoff tells Anna that it was Sven’s idea that they dress up for her coronation. Anna could tell him that “it’s alright. You didn’t have to dress up for me” which wouldn’t make it funny. It would only make it not funny. So, she responds with “I like you better in leather” which hints at what kind of relationship that they actually have behind closed doors.

But there are more…

So, the next time that someone tells you that Disney movies are only for kids. Tell them about the adult jokes that can be heard in Disney movies. 

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