Heartless Theatre

In 2016, I was cast as one of the Players in Hillsboro, OR’s HART Theatre’s production of Tom Stoppard’s Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. I had fun learning about American Theatre through the Theatre Company. I was my own version of Clara Bow but leaning towards Elle Woods and Regina George.

It was all fun and games for me until I told them that I had to skip one rehearsal to spend time with my Aunt who was in town for the weekend to buy her wedding dress. I sent an email with an explanation as to why I had to skip one rehearsal and I thought that they immediately got the big picture. I was wrong. The director changed my role into a minimal on me when I told them the specifics. My family comes first more than my career. I almost burst into tears in my bed that I had to stop doing Theatre so that I can mentally get back on my feet again.

Theatre is an important factor in my life but my family is what matters the most. The director didn’t get that I have to have a life outside of my career. So, I fell into a downward spiral during performances which caused me to almost miss my queues. I had to do something that will keep my mind away from the negativity that was happening in HART Theatre.


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