Ode to Marvel Women

In the movies,

Natasha Romanoff

Is the assassin

With a specific skillset

In the movies,

Peggy Carter

Is the Founding Mother

Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

In the movies,

Peppers Potts

Is the C.E.O.

Of STARK Industries

In the movies,

Hela of Asgard

Is the rightful Ruler

And Queen of Asgard

In the movies,

Hope Van Dyne

Is the legacy waiting

To flourish

In the movies,


Is the Princess

With the brains

In the movies,

Nebula and Gamora

Are the ones

Who are redeemed

In the movies,

Carol Danvers

Is a natural

Born Avenger

In the Movies,

Frigga and Janet

Gave up their lives

To save another

In the movies,

Lady Brunnhilde

Is the Valkyrie

Turned King

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