Just Plain Rude!

In 2016, I was in London with my family and a few family friends. I can still remember the humidity of the weather trapping sweat in the underground. It made the smell so much worse to be indoors than it is to be outside. I sighed as the train doors opened. St James Park, the beautiful St James Park.

We walked down the path to find a spot on the grass to sit on. We sat down on the grass. I saw a man and a woman standing in front of each other in a conversation. I pondered what they were talking about but something clicked in me as the man jogged off.

My brother and a friend ran off to play around in the park. I stood up and told them that I’m just going over to ask if I could pet the dog. My mom told me okay but I have to come back after.

I walked towards the woman and softly smiled. “Can I pet your dog?” I asked her.

“Uh, sure… I guess.” She replied.

“Awesome.” I said as I reached for the dog and petted the dog. “Oh my God, she’s so cute. What’s her name?”

“She’s actually a he and he’s name is Bobbie.” She said.

“Oh? Is he yours?” I asked.

“No, he’s not and the owner would be mad if he finds out that I’m doing this.” She replied.

I shrugged my shoulders as I heard nothing around me. I don’t know how this happened. It probably because I was busy petting a dog. The dog clearly liked me and liked getting the attention from people. The dog even went towards me to lick my face.

“What did I tell you about letting people touch my dog?” He scolded the woman in a harsh tone.

I couldn’t believe my ears. The man was rude and possessive of his dog so I stood up and faced him.

“I’m giving your dog compliments and attention.” I snapped at him. “Sorry if it’s not you.”

I was so mad and upset at the man that I couldn’t careless if he tried to call for a disturbance.

What was I to do? I did nothing wrong.

I felt like I was losing a battle that me and the man were both going to lose but He seemed upset about something. I didn’t want to ask him so I went back to the spot on the grass where my family was sitting.


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