Curiousity Kills the Cat

From Wikipedia Commons

My memory is all over the place. There are things that I forget and there are things that jumps at me from time to time.

In my mind, I could envision a guy sitting on the sidewalk in a hot August day in Los Angeles, California. I just turned sixteen and I had a lot going on in my mind but I never told myself to stop asking strangers questions.

I was fascinated by people and what makes them tick. This fascination carried on until my adulthood. It made me more willing to share my story with people.

I asked the guy, “excuse me but why are you sitting on the sidewalk? You might get killed, y’know.”

He shrugged before he took a deep breath. “Well, you know what they say curiousity kills the cat.”

“Pardon?” I replied as the guy stood up. He was a staggering six footer with beautiful blue eyes.

“Nevermind.” He said. “How old are you?”

“Old enough to know that I shouldn’t be sitting on the sidewalk because I might get killed.” I said, out of my love for life and people.

“Okay.” He was clearly offended. “You know I was going to tell you but what you said just offended me quite a bit there.”

That’s not a part of my plan to offend anyone just by being cautious. Life is too short to just sit around a public place where there are cars everywhere, drunk college kids, and people getting high illegally.

If this envisionment is true and you are this guy.

Here’s my message for you:

Life is full of unanswered questions that we get to answer for ourselves in the future. All of the people we meet in the past. We meet them for a reason. People who we crossed paths with once and people who are in our lives 24/7. They are there for a reason.

Just know that whatever stage you are in life right now, stay beautiful!


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