I Enjoy Being A Girl

I enjoy being a girl and the cons that comes with it. The pros are very simple. Dress with confidence like you are a vision from the magazines.

Believe in pink.

Wear shoes you could bearly walk in.

Dismiss the boys in your neighbourhood and the boys in your circuit just for the tourist with the English accent.

I see past it.

The cons are hard to deal with at times. Believe it or not, you will find people trying to bring you down because you are comfortable with being a girl. It’s so tragic! Especially, when it comes from other girls who should understand you, they damned you as the girl who just wants to make people feel uncomfortable. Bullsh*t! They’re doing the same thing.

Call it shade or what but I’d rather not. I don’t shade unless you’ve crossed the line. And there’s a running list!

“What are you going to do now?”

“Nothing much.” I sigh. “I’d rather lay in bed listening to music than go out. It’s my lazy day, today.”

“Of course!”


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