Valentine’s Day

I haven’t fully grasped why Valentine’s Day is so important when you can give love to people at any given day. As strange as it may sound, Valentine’s Day is just any other normal day for me but more amplified.

My family always talks about how I need to find a guy to take care of me. I roll my eyes at that. For me, self-love is real love. There’s no need for a man to bring me down just for the sake of his ego.

I understand what they had is something worth while for them but as a millennial, I have plans to consider and none of them includes dating someone living in Oregon. For me, young and dating is a recipe for disaster on both sides of the party. I don’t have the time to listen to his complaints all day. I have d*ck jokes to tell on TikTok.

I’m not sorry but I do write love into words. I love Shakespeare for doing that all those years ago. And Taylor Swift into her music. Nevertheless, people in a relationship should understand why I spend my time writing about it.

I spent days thinking why Ophelia jumped over the balcony and Juliet survived. Don’t get me wrong! I love how she stood up for Hamlet all those years ago. I’d hope Hamlet would do the same for her instead of calling her a mad woman straight to her face. Ophelia didn’t deserve the upset he brought upon her. She loves him. The way that Hamlet treated her in the room of mirrors, was unforgivable. She deserves better. He doesn’t deserve her.

All of those years ago, Romeo rescued Juliet from the world that surrounds her. She did the same for him. Ophelia needed that from Hamlet. Ophelia needed Hamlet to catch her like Romeo and Juliet did for each other. He didn’t.

In my imagination, Ophelia would be the one who has a party on Valentine’s Day called the “I Deserve Better” party. Along with, Desdemona, Lavinia, and Cordelia. She’d invite Juliet Capulet(-Montague) along as an act of pity and girl love. William Shakespeare would be there testifing that their end is what it is. They just simply won’t take a stand for it.

These five women from Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies deserves better. Unfortunately, I might be the first to say it.


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