I Forgot You Existed.

Dear Ex-Friends,

You know who you are. You’ve pulled me in many different ways that you couldn’t see, I’m pulling the strings and drawing my sword in combat. You were mortified to know, your invisible noir smoke you pour on me. I got rid of.

I managed to come out of a deep slumber.

I’m wide awake.

I’m wide awake.

Everytime the King’s men and horses tried to put me back together again. They can’t. Can you?

Now that I see myself through your preposterous cruelty of nature. I’m a phoenix rising from the ashes. I’m the woman who spent her life putting love into words.

I’ve lived in your movie long enough to know my time to say what I’ve got to say. You should know, all of my men started off as friends.

In a honesty, if your movie is filled with cruelty I’d rather be the one who turned her head, slammed the door, and go in search for someone else’s dark side. Honey, I’d rather not have one like you around.

I’ve been the prey to everyone’s villainy. I hated my reflection for as long as I could remember. It cuts me a million times.

They think I’m the Apex Predator. The Alpha. The Queen of Mean. I’m done with the cruelty of nature that everyone implies upon me. So done!

In the end, Ophelia jumped over the balcony and Juliet survived.

I forgot you existed.


PS. I’ve got a hundred thrown out speeches I almost said to you.

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