Representation and the Media

As much as I love binge watching TV shows on either Hulu or Netflix, I’m also one of those people who can’t watch a single thing without breaking down its lessons.

The lessons of each thing that I watch has a hidden meaning to it that people tend to overlook because of its context. Context isn’t always everything with true media representation. I should know as I always look at the meaning behind each word and each movement acted by the actor that I see on screen from Legally Blonde to Crazy Rich Asians.

Crazy Rich Asians

Constance Wu in Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians is purely dripped with Eastern Culture and how the natives overlook the struggles of a foreign raised Asian to fit into the Culture again. They think of foreign raised Asians as dumbfounded when it comes to their social standings within the Culture. It’s quite sad and ignorant of natives to think so.

In my experience, Crazy Rich Asians is a cultural phenomenon for Western-raised Asians who found themselves without the need of their parents to tell them who they can or can’t be.

Rachel Chu is the definition of pure independence from traditional cultural values.

Legally Blonde

Reese Witherspoon (Center) in Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde has been ambushed by feminist for being anti-feminist but I believe that they are overlooking the story’s big picture.

The story of Legally Blonde revolves around a self-determined young woman named Elle Woods. She maybe Blonde, Caucasian, and Rich but above all, her story is something worth looking at as Autism can be told in so many different ways. Elle’s story is one of them.

As the theory goes, Elle Woods and her struggle with code switching. She’s also optimistic which is something that a woman with Autism or anyone with Autism has in common with Elle. Elle’s struggle starts with her trying to fit in with her classmates. She drove herself into doing what she wants with the help of Emmett Forrest if you’re into the musical like I am. She also has a hard time trying to read people.

To quote the original musical Elle Woods, Laura Bell Bundy, portraying Elle Woods as a dumb person you have completely lost the story and what she means. Laura Bell is absolutely right. Elle Woods was considered as dumb by those around her. I felt the same way around my fellow classmates and the professors at Portland Community College.

I just have my own way of doing things and saying things. I do not need to dumb things down for others. I would be loosing braincells if I do so for who is trying to fit the mold when I’m trying to break it. I’m not even sorry for being myself around them.

Thor Film Series

Tom Hiddleston (Right) in Thor: Ragnarok

Thor maybe the main character of the Thor film series but it’s Loki that captivated the attention of many fangirls and my attention too. I’ve been told by my family that Loki is the bad guy and they have no idea why I adore him. Here’s that important reason why: Loki represents the people who has been outcasted by those around them. I’m not stranger to being outcasted by my peers.

On top of being outcasted, Loki has always been second best to his adopted father, Odin who lied to him since day one. Odin’s lies deeply hurt the God of Mischief causing him to act out in despair. The only person who understood what Loki was going through was Frigga. She treated both Thor and Loki as equals unlike Odin.

Loki is not a stranger to peer pressure as Thanos gave Loki a scepter that controls people’s minds which influenced Loki’s anger into doing something that he knows is truly wrong. Loki being brainwashed by the scepter got the Avengers to assemble but he never hated himself for being driven by anger.

I admire Loki for staying true to himself and seeing the fun in dramatic episodes that others have. He is truly unique for a character within a film series.


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