The Reign of a Sultana

The story of Aladdin might be about a commoner turned Prince to anyone who grew up watching the animated classic, Aladdin. If you haven’t listened to all three soundtracks for Aladdin and compared the three, you haven’t noticed where Princess Jasmine actually lies within Aladdin’s story.

The New Empowerment Anthem (20/5/2019)

In the original animated version, she has a naïve temperment to her but she does say to her father that “if [she] does marry, it’ll be for love” and that she did when she chose to marry Aladdin. Their epic love story would go on for two straight-to-dvd films and would go on to get married at the end of their third film. The film that included the song Out Of Thin Air as sung by Brad Kane (Disney’s Aladdin; 1992) and Liz Callaway (FOX’s Anastasia; 1997).

Jasmine & Aladdin in Aladdin and the King of Thieves

In Out of Thin Air, Princess Jasmine sings “you showed me the world when I was all locked up inside” to tell Aladdin about the time when he showed her the outside world for the very first time. She then goes to sing “you reached up your hand and took me on a magic carpet ride” which is a lyrical nod to A Whole New World. She followed that by singing “you look at your smile and I could see the light shining everywhere. People like you don’t come out of thin air.” She is saying that Aladdin’s smile is something that made her fall in love with him and that no one else could compare to Aladdin.

Out of Thin Air Scene from Aladdin and the King of Thieves
[Uploaded by JackBrauer137 on YouTube]

I love how much the tables had turned in Out Of Thin Air compared to A Whole New World. It went from Aladdin telling Jasmine that she doesn’t have to be afraid of who she is to Jasmine telling Aladdin the same thing.

Aladdin (John-Wilson) & Jasmine (Ewen),
A Million Miles Away, West End Production of Disney’s Aladdin
[Photo by Deen van Meer]

A Million Miles Away is very different compared to A Whole New World. It’s an added duet between Jasmine and Aladdin for the Stage adaptation of Aladdin. The song tells the fantasy of both Jasmine and Aladdin of escaping their harsh realities. One of Jasmine’s lyrics that stood out to me is “the kind of dream that we’ll dream of knowing” which tells the listener how trapped she feels within the life that she was born to live.

I remember seeing Disney’s Aladdin on the West End with my family. Hearing A Million Miles Away sung in front of me, it was the escape that I was dying to see. Of course, there’ll be some people that will stop you from. People who are like the Royal Vizier, Jafar.

Jasmine wanted to be free from her reality. She does that pretty well throughout A Millon Miles Away as Aladdin showed her how to do within her imagination. The song gives Jasmine a certain hope to escape within her imagination.

Jasmine (Reed) & Aladdin (Jacobs),
A Million Miles Away, Broadway Production of Disney’s Aladdin
[Uploaded by meowzers on YouTube]



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