The New Empowerment Anthem

I always know Jasmine as strong and knows her own mind.

Naomi Scott
Speechless Special Look

Growing up with Disney animated films like Disney’s Aladdin, I’ve always found something in these Disney Heroines that I can relate to. There’s always something about the animated Disney classic, Aladdin that I always went back to.

Princess Jasmine is a character that had a lot to say for a woman during Parisian times. However, she wasn’t particularly ahead of her time for her Culture. Eastern Women didn’t go speechless. They were heard but they are often the cases where they had to follow the rules and not bend them.

The new song from Disney’s Live-Action adaptation of Aladdin features Speechless which shows Jasmine’s progression into becoming the leader that she’s always been. She sings “I won’t be silent. You can’t keep me crying,” which is her way of saying that enough is enough. Speechless is a song that finally has the heroine of the story taking her own risks. Princess Jasmine is no longer the damsel in distress that any film goer had seen before.

Princess Jasmine did have a song in the stage adaptation of the animated classic called These Palace Walls as well as a cut song called Call Me A Princess.

Arielle Jacobs sings “These Palace Walls”

I remember going into a rabbit hole of searching for Princess Jasmine’s solo song. I even thought to myself that for a woman with a lot things to say. Princess Jasmine would have a song.

Throughout my search for Princess Jasmine’s solo song, I stumbled across the cut song, Call Me A Princess. The song is pretty much shows Princess Jasmine’s fierce-diva side.

Courtney Reed sings “Call Me A Princess”



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