Queens of Six

If you are looking for something to cure your problems of people being negative, here’s a musical that is confidence centric.

The Cast of SIX

Ex-Wives ;; The cast album opens with how History books has written six women lost under the shadow of the infamous Henry VIII. The song starts off with the SIX Queens saying: “Divorced, Beheaded, Died; Divorced, Beheaded, Survived,” which is something that each Queen is remembered by. The song then moves on to a quick summary of what happened to each of them. The lyric that stood out for me is: “You want a Queen Bee. Well, there’s half a dozen.” Obviously, for how much the lyric amplifies how strong each of these women were.

No Way ;; This song is an anthem! Each beat is a phenomenal tribute to the OG (ex-)wife of Henry VIII. The song tells the story of Aragon’s relationship with Henry VIII. The Spanish Queen of England sings “I put up with your shit like every single day”. He wanted to replace her with Boleyn and wanted a divorce from Aragon. As she says in the song, “There’s no way!” Of course, Henry VIII said that Aragon was going “crazy” and “mental” so he sent her to a nunnery which at that time was a mad house for women. It was in the nunnery that she spent the rest of her life up until her death in 1485.

Don’t Lose Ur Head ;; With elements of inspiration from Avril Lavigne and Lily Allen, the song is a jam. The song is a musical tribute to the second wife, Anne Boleyn. Just like her daughter’s cousin, Queen Mary of Scotland, she grew up in the French court. Boleyn raps “1522 came straight to the UK. All the British dudes like [epic fail]. Lame!” then she goes on to rap “my daddy said, ‘you should go and get ahead.'” As Boleyn was having fun in Henry VIII’s court, Henry VIII started to become unfaithful to her and sleeping around. Of course, Boleyn got angry. She raps “maybe I’ll flirt with a guy or two to make him jell.” When Henry VIII found out, the pair eventually argued until Henry VIII ticked and conspired against Boleyn to get rid of her. He believed in the rumours against Boleyn. Boleyn was charged with adultery and incest along with witchcraft and conspiracy against the King. She was sentenced to death on 1536.

Heart of Stone ;; In this Adele-influenced song, Seymour sings about her short-lived relationship with Henry VIII. She sings “without my son your love will disappear.” As sad as that may sound, it was the norm for Tudor women to bear a son in order to make sure that the Tudor line could last. Of course, Henry VIII’s only legitimate son had a short reign and only lived until 15 years old. The song describes how Seymour felt and how much she’ll watch over her son even after she’s gone.

Portraits of the SIX Queens of Henry VIII
[Painted by Holbein or Recreated/Painted by Another]

Haus of Holbein ;; The Cast of SIX sings about Henry VIII’s royal portrait painter, Hans Holbein and little tricks that people used to look perfect such as: a “magical ingredient” from your bladder for Blonder hair. Of course, during that time, people used makeup that contained lead poison. As the phrase says, “Beauty is pain and pain is beauty.”

Get Down ;; Cleves was famously known for “misleading” Henry VIII due to her portrait. Henry VIII said, “She’s ugly. She’s smelly. She’s fat.” As a retort to this quote documented by Historians in PBS’s Secret’s of Henry VIII’s Palace, Cleves sings “too bad I don’t agree. I’ll hang it up for all to see ’cause I’m the Queen of the castle.” In fact, Cleves did not trick Henry VIII’s with her portrait because it was him who he was describing. The song will make you double think about what is said about Cleves.

All You Wanna Do ;; “Ever since I was a child, I make the boys go wild” sang by Howard. This was true for many, many women during the Tudor times. Women as young as 12 years old where courted by men. Of course, Catherine Howard was like those girls. She was as naïve and as vulnerable as other girls her age. The song is her claim to her own innocence. She ends the song with “Playtime’s over! Playtime’s over! The only thing you wanna do is mwah!”

The Cast of SIX in the Studio

I Don’t Need Your Love ;; Parr singing an Alicia Keys-inspired song about her relationship with Henry VIII and Thomas Seymour. In the song, Parr states “with the King I had no choice” so she sent a letter to Thomas explaining herself to him and that she didn’t need his love. That wasn’t truthful to what she was feeling for Thomas. Of course, Parr did write to him in February 1543: “As truly as God is God, my mind was fully bent… to marry you before any man I knew. Howbeit, God withstood my will therein most vehemently for a time and, through his grace and goodness, made that possible which seemeth to me most unpossible… to renounce utterly mine own will and to follow His will most willingly.” The song doesn’t stop there. The song then moves onto Parr singing about her feminist ways during the Tudor times. If you listen until the end of the song, you’ll hear a hidden track called “I Don’t Need Your Love (Remix)” which brings the SIX Queens together to take a claim of their crown as Queens of England.

Six ;; The final song of the cast album is a fictional take on how the SIX Queens of got “unfriended” by Henry VIII. It is a fun way for people to see another side of the SIX Queens for what’s been told in History books. The song tells the listener how independent each of the women were.

The Cast of SIX singing Megasix
[Uploaded by Richard Huish on YouTube]


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