Thorns On Roses

Pink Roses on Grass
[Picture by pixel2013]

Stories about what happened to other people is something that people should be watching. I know that I love me a good musical every now and then but I’m also a Biopic kind of girl. There’s something about Biopics that I’ve loved every since I gotten into the genre.

True Stories being brought to light by Hollywood is something that caught my attention ever since High School. I admire how much drive and compassion that an actor could bring to the table just by their research on who they’re portraying.

It takes guts to make something based on true events, I know. I made it.

I’ve written people’s names out many times as I sat in front of my laptop thinking about what could’ve been. I know that Trace and Dillon will always be the coldest place that I’ve ever been in.

As I was watching Hulu’s The Act, I wanted to discuss the relationship between Dee Dee and Gypsy Rose. It was something that I related to the most because just like Gypsy I felt trapped by my own mother to play a particular role: the lady and not the girl who’s one of the boys.

In other words, I have some kind of reputation in three forms of community: college, family, and the blogosphere. But here’s the thing, I’m not like my reputation. I’m someone completely different. I am the girl I create not what others make of me.

Our Gang/Love Business,
c. 1931

It’s History!

I’ve had my buttons pushed by two guys that couldn’t be bothered to face the viper. They are Trace Gaynor and Dillon Graves.

Trace is part of a Filipino-American Acapella group called The Filharmonic. We met on my sixteenth birthday because I told my cousins that they could invite their friend, Jessica over and that she could bring her new friends along with them.

The Filharmonic performing backup for Liam Payne & James Corden’s Boy Bands vs Solo Artists Riff-Off,
Sept 09 2017

After a while, my cousins felt ignored and left out by Jessica. I wanted to teach Jessica a lesson or two about what it feels like to be invisible. It is not acceptable to anyone to make someone else feel invisible especially if you’ve known them for a very long time. I don’t think that he even knows that he was there because I was raised to tag along with people even if they are not my friend.

I had it worse when it comes to getting misinterpreted by my peers and professors. I got really upset. I felt like I didn’t belong anywhere and on top of that my peers are going behind my back and saying things that doesn’t seem like me at all.

Above all of that, Dillon positively did not understand what its like to have people think that you’re just there to make people feel uncomfortable. It just didn’t make me feel like fit in. I felt like an outsider and that feeling never goes away for me as my peers seems to do that. Even if I wasn’t diagnosed with Autism, I still felt like an outsider.

I don’t get how people like Dillon seem to have the upper hand when people like me has to fight for what we believe in.

This is an open note to Professors: people with Autism who can naturally look after themselves tend to suffer from severe depression. Depressed autistic people tend to keep how they feel inside of them. People with Autism doesn’t lack the balls to stop fighting for what they want. They keep on fighting until they can’t fight anymore. It’s called reaching the breaking point. Rule of thumb: telling people to ignore someone with Autism is frankly stupid.

Autism is an infinite struggle. It’s a bed of roses. It’s thorns!

People with Autism doesn’t deserve to be ignored. We deserve to be accepted as people’s equals.

xoxo Laika

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