Backwards Barbie

Obsession isn’t something that you tell to someone on the Spectrum. And I’ll admit that I’m the type of person to push someone into trying something new, to not get caught up in their comfort zone. It’s not need of mine to push other to trying something new. It’s a habit, a good habit.

One of my many talents, a part from writing this blog, is wearing pink whether it’s making my avatars wear a whole lotta pink or actually wearing pink myself. The colour pink doesn’t fade away when it comes to what I wear. It’s not even what other people’s idea of glamour but it’s my idea of glamour.

It’s like that one Dolly Parton song, Backwards Barbie. I’m quite the Taylor Swift of the blogosphere as I’ve noticed. I write people’s name on posts from time to time. Sometimes their first and last name, if the cross the line with me. It’s a talent not a habit but never have I ever written anything on this blog that is fictitious. Everything that I’ve written on this blog is something that I’ve went through and is purely my own opinions.

It’s not attention seeking. Never was.

People choose to ignore the realism of what bloggers bring to the table. There are people out there how are willing to protect themselves from a blogger and tell other people that what is written is complete lies and is all made up. It hurts for others not to understand what it’s like to be a blogger especially when you’ve written the facts out in the open.

I’ve written so much of what happened to me in the past but I’ve never written about what I want to do or what I’m working towards. I’ve broke down characters and films and tv shows.

What’s in it for me?

What will I get out of this?

Closure. Hope. And most importantly, a mutual understanding with the community that I get to create.

This is for those who’s looking for a reason to live. After all, we’re all backwards Barbies in a world full of perfectionists.

xoxo Laika

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