Left a Small Town

I was listening to Taylor Swift the other day when I reminded myself about my love for Shakespeare and the music of ABBA. Two of the most important things that sums up what it’s like for me to grow up in the UK.

I grew up in a small town called Abergavenny. Everything was only a walking distance from where I lived. And by everything, I literally mean everything. From schools to the town center and the additional cinema that they recently added to the town.

At the tender age of seven, I got off a plane on Heathrow airport with my sister and my grandma. I’ve forgotten the rest but you should know where this goes from here. The rest is history? Not exactly. It was only the beginning of a brand new chapter.

…never looked back…

The town was a sight that I could never forget but it was the Blorange’s mountain peak made the town truly remarkable. The mountain was one of the mountains that I remember seeing as a kid.

It’s the province but it was pretty much a small town filled a population of people with bigger adventures and ambitions. An ambition to go further than the town’s four walls that kept us inside.

One of my favourite spots in Abergavenny is the town itself. The small but busy streets and the packed pavements walking from shop to shop.

Everything happy and positive about this town. I looked back upon. It was worth it because everything about the town is positive and laidback. It’s something that you can describe but no words could describe its beauty.

I went back there in 2016. And let’s just say somethings never changes…

Keep daydreaming x

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