Drenched in Pink!

I had a hard time figuring out who I want to become before getting diagnosed with Autism. It was like a knife cutting my life short. It felt more like a burden than it is a diagnosis. In all honesty, I never wanted the diagnosis. It wasn’t a part of my life plan. Having been told that I have Autism, it was a major set back.

What, like, it’s hard?!

I’ve made a lot of references to the legendary Blonde, Elle Woods countless of times. She made it easier for me to cope with all of my struggles and to deal with the people around me. Elle Woods wasn’t just a fictional character for me. She became an alter ego of sort. Her struggles throughout the musical was something that I related to.

Elle Woods is someone who I have masked myself into trying to hide my Autism from people. Masking something like Autism makes it harder for people to diagnose a female with Autism. I’m one of those people who masks having Autism from everybody else. Elle hid who she really is from those around her. I have wondered why I’m a lot like Elle Woods. I’m not Blonde or born into a rich family like she was. I’m not entitled. I’m only entitled to my own life story. My story. The one that I have to write on this blog.

Juggling a life as a blogger and trying to completing a degree at the same time, it’s like having a part-time job and completing a degree at the same time. A blogger’s lifestyle isn’t your normal everyday thing. It’s different. You have to put your best foot forward. Write everything that’s good in your life. Cliché but true.

Being a blogger means that I have to set an example and defy the rules of the algorithm in order to get my point across. Others won’t tell you this but I’ll make a start. Bloggers are the new kind of “celebrity”. We talk about the things that we are going through or we have dealt with even though people won’t believe that it actually happened.

This takes me back to Elle Woods and her arc in Legally Blonde. She wanted someone to believe in her. And so she did, Elle Woods believed in herself that she could succeed without anybody’s help. True that she had academic help but her entitlement. She didn’t even contact her parents for extra support. She did it herself.

Be like Elle!


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