Didn’t Have That

Being stuck in a room for mental examinations and therapy sessions, I was not able to have a normal childhood experience. I didn’t have a normal childhood because of that. I was afraid to say that I wanted to go out there and seek opportunities for myself as a child interested in the arts because of what my family would say. I always felt like I have to cater to what they expect of me.

I felt like I was drowning in a bubble that people put me in. There was always something missing with me. I don’t even understand why they’d never told me what was missing. I would have fixed what’s missing with me.

Growing up in the U.K., everyone matures quicker than Americans do. I wasn’t worried about getting my shit together but I was worried about making a name for myself. I wrote everything on my mind down while teaching myself web design on Piczo — shut down in 2012. It was enough therapy for me.

Throughout my student career, I’ve made several different blogs all with different purposes. None stuck with me until I discovered WordPress. It was there that I started to learn how the platform works and how I can use it to my advantage.

I got on Blogger and made a blog that I would eventually transfer over to WordPress as soon as I mastered the platform. Teaching myself various platforms actually gave me an edge in the process.

I love having to see where people are from who has read what I’ve got to say. I’ve never gotten any responses in the comments but only time will tell. I’m just getting started.

I’m still learning how to get an edge over other blogger friends of mine. This isn’t a race! Each blogger that you read a post from has a different story to tell and a different way of saying things. We have a certain way of communicating with our readers.

This is mine!


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