The Good Doctor

I never thought that I’d relate to a male character. At all.

With the keyword being NEVER, I’m going to list out a few reasons why Shaun Murphy is the first male character that I’ve related to. And why ABC’s The Good Doctor only shows the male perspective of a person on the Autistic spectrum.

I first came across this show on Hulu after finishing The Masked Singer and wanting to get into a new series to binge watch. It is unlikely for me to ease my way into a good show without the 30 seconds selling pitch of the pilot episode which is the short prologue into the main protagonist’s story.

For The Good Doctor, the selling pitch was three TV tropes like the mindset of the father, the helpless mother, and the caring brother. I was sold!

I was sold until something bugged me about the show. Not that Freddie Highmore is rubbish on the show. He’s amazing on the show.

The first film that I saw him in is Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

What bugged me was the lack of autistic female perspective and how hard it is for people to diagnose females with autism.

I do admire the voice that the show is giving to people with autism and it’s a starting point to that voice. And I’m trying to do by writing on my blog, making sure that I’m getting my point a across.

Just like Shaun, I’m dedicated to one thing. I’m dedicated to making a difference in the world by working with what I’ve got even though there’s people out there who will ridicule me. Shaun Murphy is doing just that despite of the mental breakdowns and despite of his autism.

As a female in the spectrum and someone who is working towards a Video Production Certification, I do believe that there’s still work to be down within the Entertainment Industry to show people that defects is not problematic. It’s just women with autism has a hard time accepting their diagnosis or people just have a hard time to figure out what to say to women on the spectrum.

There’s one thing that women on the spectrum will tell you and that is: we are more than capable to hide our autism more than males on the spectrum are able to. We don’t do it because we are ashamed of being autistic. We do it because we can’t risk people finding out without us telling you about it first.

Mental Breakdowns can range for various emotions from sadness to anger and even panic attacks. Despite of how much I appreciate how well the show as portrayed the “mental defect”, I still stand by my honest opinion of its lack of understanding of women who deals with autism.

I’d love for the show to give women with autism a voice on the show. A voice that will make the Community applaud and appreciate the show even more than it already has. Since that will not be likely right now, I’ll take my chances.

I know that I’m just a student with a blog that no one will be bothered to read because I’m not as known within the influencer community. I’m not even popular within my college campus. I’m not bothered by it. I’m okay with keeping to myself at times.

But this blog, it has made me more of an outspoken person. I’ve noticed that I’ve spoke my mind out to the people around me on campus. That I’d rather not filter what I say to other people. Is that a lack of empathy? Shaun was taught about his lack of empathy in The Good Doctor. Probably. Probably not.

The Good Doctor still has a lot to uncover about autism to the general public. Maybe the casting of a female character with autism will help for the show’s future on the ABC Network.

What women with autism wants people to know is that. We can’t stand not having a voice in Entertainment. I’m going to complete my certification degree to give more and more women a voice even if it’ll destroy my mental health.

I stand by my opinions. And I’ll stand by a show that’s starting to give autistic people a voice that we could never give to ourselves at times.

See you on the flip side x

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