My Getaway Car

The month of December had been nothing but a roller coaster ride for my Mental Health. You can say that it’s been both bad and good but in my mind it hadn’t been all glitters and unicorns.

I’ve had it worse. I couldn’t keep up with everyone else. And worse of them all, I couldn’t be myself. My sense of humour is a lot different than what people knew of me. I’m not that little girl that people know before I decided to take charge of the woman I wanted to be. I can’t tell you why but I did have to say goodbye. I had to say goodbye to who I was. And who I was, she won’t argue what she believed in especially to her family.

In Cold Blood, I said what I wanted to say. I told my grandma that it is part of growing up not listening to your parents. People grows up differently from other people. It’s difficult to see that people wants to put children in a certain box that seems to establish for their children. It’s tragic!

Millennials. My generation is full of people with our own sense of class. We have the ability to turn our backs on a box placed upon us. We have our own sense of revelations though older generations calls it a rebellion. That’s okay. It’s okay to be different.

Let’s be ruthless for a moment.

  • Mr Fireplace (aka Trace Gaynor): I’ve forgotten who you were back then. You can’t blame a girl for wanting to know a name beforehand. Just don’t go around, telling your “crew” that I was the one at fault. Because honey, a battle is lost once you’ve entered a battlefield with a woman warrior.
  • Rocket (aka Dillon Graves): Can’t forget about you, Dills! You are too afraid. You are too afraid to do something spontaneously. You are also too prideful. Pride makes you hard to work with. Don’t let pride be your guide. Leave it at home where you can be open and be a smart ass.

People grow up

People make mistakes

Lessons learned

Here’s to 2019!


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