Interview With Dani Cee

MB: So, first question: when you first stepped onto the scene with The Style Studio, did you expected the reactions that you’ve received with the first issue?

DC: Honestly, for that first issue I reached out for those reactions. I wanted it to be special and something that hasn’t been done like that before. I knew my strengths and abilities so I wanted the reactions to match my work. But I’m just so happy that people like Celestia were so willing to work with me on that issue!

MB: That’s great! Next question: if you were to take what you are doing with Avakin into the real world, how would you do it?

DC: Ooh, I love this question. Let’s see, if I were to have The Style Studio IRL I would want it to be a lot like PAPER Magazine. A small magazine with iconic people. Very memorable and chic. I would push the envelope when it comes to different styles and challenge others to do the same. Of course it would be based in NYC, but I wouldn’t mind traveling to the smallest of towns to get a more realistic feel in photos.

MB: Awesome. I’m a Blogger and a Film Major IRL. It could totally happen tbh. So, third question: what goal do you have for yourself?

DC: On Avakin, I just want to continue to create and test my limits. One thing people don’t know about me is that the reason why I do this is to have another outlet to brush up on my skills irl. I’m still debating if I want to expand or not for various reasons. But I do know I want to keep growing and creating more.

MB: That sounds like a great plan, Dani. Okay. So, last question: any advice for newcomers on Avakin?

DC: My advice for newcomers is, don’t try to emulate people on Avakin and try to join every group thinking that’s the only way you’ll be accepted. Create things for yourself. If you’re trying to start an ava-business then be creative and learn from others. If you just want to have fun on Ava then do just that! Make plans, have parties, oh and make sure to invite me bc I’m always looking for a party to crash. Just make sure that you are enjoying this time with your pixelated friends!

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