And I Don’t Know Why…

I’ve been watching How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days and realized how much the film relates to its audience when it was released and even now. How Kate Hudson’s character, Andie Anderson tries everything that she could to make sure that Matthew McConaughey’s character, Benjamin Barry breaks up with her.

The character of Andie Anderson is one of those characters that is ambitious, determined, and confident. Everything that every little girl wants to become growing up. I know that I did. I wanted to be just like Andie Anderson. The girl had everything. The girl was someone who I aspired to become growing up because everyone else around me was not all that supportive of the person who I wanted to become. However, throughout my life, I’m always determined to do something that my elders will disapprove of: Theatre, the Movies, Acting, Writing, the Arts.

I’m always looking for opportunities in Facebook groups right under their noses. Andie Anderson did the same thing. She looked for opportunities to stay motivated to write about the things that she wanted to write. She played the game long enough to write her article for a Women’s magazine.

Everything around you is a gigantic game of chess. You are the Queen and your target, your dreams is the King. Make every move that can either be right or a mistake. And every mistake that you make is a learning experience, you learn from your failures not from your perfections.

I was told that you need to start at a young age to start pursuing your dreams but that’s not entirely true. You need to start as soon as you’ve made regrets out of a learning experience. That regret is something that you will leave. It’s a mark! A curve that will get you right to where you wanted to be. It’s a thing that will state everything that you’ve always wanted to say to people but never really gotten a chance to say it. People around you seems to silence you whenever you wanted to say something to people.

Rocket is that curve for a girl that I once knew. He’s someone who she knew that she had to be chaotic with. Even though that chaos will lead to a delicate reputation for both parties. She’s not even sorry about the messages exchanged between them. She leaked his love for dance and that’s not the only thing that have in common. They’re both artists.

Tulip Festival in Woodburn, Oregon on April 2018.

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