Life Update & Nicolette

I’ve been through a lot since I’ve formally posted something on this blog that is a live and quick blog update.

If you know me in real life, you’d know how much I love a great villain. Villains are fictional characters who shows the audience what kind of reality that we are living inside of. And I am studying to go into an industry that entertains people through the ideals of escapism. When people goes to the cinema, they want to escape from the world that they live in. I don’t want to do that. I want to blur the lines between escapism and realism. Our world is a lot richer than the fictional world created for the cinema or on paper.

I’ve always loved creating characters who are female and takes on the world like they were made to protect it. It’s what I grew up doing. I’ve never created a female character who are weak because I believe that female characters should be strong and flawed. One of the most recent female character that I’ve created is a Black French Canadian named Nicolette Babineaux who’s interest is in Fashion. This character took me sometime on establishing what she will look like and what her ethnic background will be. I have thought of her as a French woman but how I see her presenting herself. Nicolette Babineaux is more of a mixed raced African-Canadian woman with her African heritage being the dominant factor of her ethnicity.

At first, I thought of Nicolette Babineaux as a French woman from the South of France but as I digged deep into my research of what ethnic the last name of Babineaux currently holds. They are mostly of African heritage but none of which expresses the rich European culture. So, my focus went on explaining Nicolette’s French roots and my love for France.

Another thing that may surprise you about me is that I am a self-taught voice actress. I love playing with my vocal range when it comes to acting. I also love playing with every part of my voice. This doesn’t mean that I play girly girls. It means that I can tap into any character of any ages. The reason being is that voice acting is completely different than acting with you body. Voice acting has a lot to do with voice play and using your voice to portray a well-rounded character. It is what I love to do. I love voice acting. I love to play with my voice. It is something that my Film & Theatre classmates do not understand about me and why I using various ranges.

They also think that I’m way too positive or optimistic. It made me really upset. I’m positive because I don’t want anyone to get upset. I want people to be included. I want people to feel like they have somewhere to go when they’re feeling down. I don’t understand why they all had to make me feel like I’ve done something wrong. I know that the things that I love doing isn’t something that they are used to. That’s a given. I’ve never hated anyone especially the people that I’ve worked with. People like Rocket.

Why do they have to turn people against me? Why does the Professor has to allow bullying to happen?

The answer is that they are only seeing one side of the bigger picture. I’ve been silent for far too long and this blog; this blog deserves a better purpose than just sharing the things that I’ve done and the things that I’ve seen. I need to be raw and completely outspoken when it comes to this blog. I think that it’s time for people to get to know me a lot better and the things that I care about the most.

Still pushing through…

~ Laika

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