To All The Girls


To All The Girls,

We aren’t all up to your standards. We aren’t all monotoned jerks who thinks that Legally Blonde is just some dumb comedy. This woman speaks for herself when it comes to showing off what she’s capable of. She’s capable of breaking down. She’s capable of being a viper. A cold viper. The coldest viper that you’ll ever meet. Trust me. You don’t want that girl in front of your face.

You told her that she’s not good enough and that made her hurt inside. Can’t you just accept the fact that she’s different? Can’t you accept the fact that she has a different mindset than anyone else around her? It’s pathetic. You don’t think of her as an equal. Probably, why she prefers to have boy friends than girl friends. Just be her friend! That’s the only thing that she wants.

You know, words can really hurt people. She knows that but it is your words that cuts into her like a knife. You murdered the girl who she once knew. The girl that knew what to say. The girl that knew what to do. Don’t you get that she needs her? She needs the girl that you murdered. You murdered her want to stand up for herself.

She lives by the mentra of “Girls Support Girls”. Where was that when she needed support from another girl? Another girl classmate? Perhaps, she’s just not good enough for your support. Is that it?

She knows that you are not one of her social media friends but you are there, in front of her. You can make her day even better than how it started. Just be a friend to her when she needs someone to run to. Don’t be the reason why she cries. She doesn’t need that. She doesn’t need to cry over something that you aren’t capable of doing. Don’t seek for the viper in the girl. Seek for the friend in need.

All that she wants is acceptance… That’s all she wants from you. To accept her for who she wants to be. Thank you!

Thank you for nothing. Thank you for being her reason why she cries. Thank you for reminding her that she can do better than you. Thank you for not being reasonable. Thank you for being a bitch to her. Thank you for making her look like revenge. Thank you for making her savage.

She’s not sorry for what is ahead of her. She finally has the guts to become so much better.

You’ll see her on the other side…


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