To All The Boys


To All The Boys,

This is how one woman thinks. She doesn’t speak for all the women but she cares so much about how drastically cruel this world can be. She’s been hurt by so many people before not just by a boy. She just wants to be heard and not to be loved. Give her time to know herself. She’ll love you for that. Just be her friend, her shoulder to cry on. Girls needs a friend to tell them that they are good enough to be the woman they’ve always wanted to be. She loves but only platonically.

You need to know that she had been crying but her tears is not for you. It’s how she is seen by her family. Her family sees her as a dependent person when she knows she can fly away at any given moment. She just needs for someone there to tell her what she hasn’t heard before. She’s a sister and possibly, the mom friend.

Her family couldn’t see her full potential in front of something that makes her happy. She’s always been in love with the movies and the idea of being in front of the camera. The movies are her getaway car, her first love, her only love. She couldn’t stop daydreaming about being in front of the camera. It’s the only thing in her mind and will always be in her trapped inside of her mind. Her mother had told her that she couldn’t be an actress and that made her want to be gone from this world. She felt like she had to made her mother proud of her when she couldn’t even make herself proud of herself for making her dream a reality. She was alone. She felt like she couldn’t turn her dreams into a reality.

She hasn’t complained about anything about any of you unless you call her problematic. She’s only problematic because of the cold words said to her by anyone around her. She needed to stop crying. You have to know that you are not the reason why she cries. She just has problems way worse than boy problems. She never has problems with boys. You are probably someone who she needs to keep her from doing something stupid.

All that she’s saying is… Thank you!

Thank you for walking into her life. Thank you for catching all of her bullets. Thank you for telling her that she’s not bulletproof. Thank you for making her realize her full potential. Thank you for being her reason not to cry and to be headstrong. Thank you for letting her discover who she really is and for that she loves you.

Forever and always…


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