Paris Is Always A Good Idea

Oh, Paris! How I miss you!


I’m not even kidding!

I miss the welcoming atmosphere of Paris, France and the friendly people so you should know feel how devastated I was when I heard about the Paris Terror Attacks way back in 2015.

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I hold Paris close to my heart because the city gave me the feeling of home that I’ve never felt with other countries before. Paris gave me the feeling that I belonged somewhere and that I am worth it to dream the dreams that I’ve got inside of me. Honestly, I’ve never lost touch of Paris. Paris is always inside of me whenever I feel like I needed to belong somewhere.


Lately, I remember my time in Paris, especially Disneyland Paris because the place itself made me forget how hard it was for me just to keep up with everyone.

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To be honest with you, it is still hard to keep up with everyone. I know that I have my own way of saying things but when people takes me literally I just felt so helpless. On top of that, everyone ganged up on me because I was different and has a different mindset than they do. At least, I know when I’m being realistic and when I’m not. Because in Paris, you will never feel alone and helpless. You will always find something about it that is home. We all need a place like Paris to come back to.

See you in Paris!

~ Laika

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