Why I’m Still Single?


Don’t you just hate it when people keeps on asking you about your relationship status? Do you think that it’s getting a little too much or a little too repetitive that people keep on asking you at all?

I love my family, but. This is the kind of questions that they keep on repeating whenever they want to “catch up” with me.

Why am I still single?

I’m still single because:

ONE ;; I’m focused on succeeding and accomplishing the goals that I want to accomplish because to me, I come first before the guy that I want to date. Having a guy around will just slow me down, I wouldn’t be able to do the things that I want to do with a guy constantly wanting to hang out with me.

TWO ;; I don’t like to date anyone who goes to the same school as I am and anyone who went to the same school(s) as I did. Because of two reasons, (a) I find it really odd and awkward to date someone who’s an alum of the same school as I am and (b) I just don’t see a point in dating someone from the same school as I am. I’m a Roman Catholic. I prefer to let the Lord and my faith decide for me.

THREE ;; Time. I don’t really have the time to date anyone right now. I would probably date someone in the future but not while I’m still in my prime. I need the time to explore the world and meet new people. I love to see the world with friends and do things that I’ve always wanted to do as a kid. Things like going to Hawai’i with my sisters, going to a watch a tour company of a musical on my own, and writing a novel about my adventures in college. (This blog is it. This is the novel that I’m writing.)

FOUR ;; I have my standards. This may seem really odd, but. I don’t want to date anyone because they just want to date. I want to date someone who has something that they are working towards. Whether they are working towards the same goal as I am or they’re already in the industry that I’m trying to go towards. Whatever it is. I’m sure that it’ll be worth the wait.

Naturally, this is the part where my family asks me why. I just shrug my shoulders. And don’t say anything, I just tell them that I’m not interested in dating anyone right now. But I don’t think that they really get the picture, I’m just not interested means I’m just not interested.

I feel like they force me to date someone. The more that my family forces me to date someone the more that I feel like I don’t belong in my own family. I want to be able to talk to my family about what I’ve been doing, but. The dating question shouldn’t be something that they want to talk about. It shouldn’t be a topic that they should talk about. It’s kinda sad for them not to notice that I don’t want to talk about my relationship status. I just want to talk about life goals and dreams that I want to accomplish.

I guess that the next time that they ask me the relationship status question. I should tell them that I’ve already written about this on my blog. I’m an open book and will write anything that I’ve been thinking about or have been through including my deepest regrets. There are also people that I want to reach out too including Mr Fireplace and my old friends in the UK. I haven’t seen them in such a long time so keeping them updated on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter is what I have to do. I love those guys so much and I miss them too.

But for now, I guess the statement: “ask me in two years” is appropriate for me to say to my family so I will start saying that to them.

In two years, I will come back to this post and write about my relationship status. If I’m still single, then I know that I’m still trying to figure out who I really am and love her. Because loving who you are, is what you need to do first before you love another.

You are enough!

~ Laika

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