Once Ashamed Of My Culture

I was once ashamed of my culture. That maybe hard to believe, but. Looking back at what I’ve posted on YouTube about my culture. I was very ashamed of my culture.

For a fact, I wasn’t able to find it in me that my culture is tougher than the other cultures around me. I was blinded that my culture was just a culture that embodied a hierarchy to help separate the adults from the children, but. It’s not all about that.

My culture is something completely different than that but I didn’t learn that until this year. I know, that’s pretty dumb of me. But you can’t be the person who is way into your culture and not learn anything new, I’m the kind of person who would be the person that would later learn to love her culture.

I’m sure that all of you are thinking that: “why are you so doubtful of your culture?” I’m not doubtful of my culture. I just have problems with how people in my culture socialize.

There’s a few reasons why I said those things about my culture on YouTube:

Human Approach ;; Filipinos will tend to approach you like they already know you which isn’t a bad thing but it sometimes at a bad time. The older generation doesn’t see this because they don’t see how times had changed. And every generation has their reasons to despise their own culture, human approach will be in one of those lists.

Relationship Status ;; Filipinos will naturally ask you about your relationship status and they will find it difficult to take the fact that you are happy living as a single woman. They won’t even take a hint at the fact that you don’t want a boyfriend. They will keep on drilling you about it and asking you questions because they want for you to date someone and you don’t want that. It’s quite sad that they won’t quit asking the boyfriend question all the damn time. I hate to be the person to say that it is a problem, but. It’s an issue. People in my generation just wants to talk about their problems and not answering questions about the boyfriend or the “do you have a boyfriend?” question.

Harsh Tones ;; I know that this is probably the most oddest reason in this list, but. It is a reason. Filipinos tend to say things with a harsh tone towards you even though they don’t mean to. I’m not that kind of person. In fact, I’m the kind of Filipino that will say a things with a softer tone because everyone needs to be in a calm and loving environment. Positivity counts no matter what you do. Be positive and don’t say things in a harsh tone because if you do people will easily get discouraged. Encourage people by being positive so that they know that you care about them.

Too Much Pride ;; We have too much pride about our culture and that’s not a bad thing, but. Too much pride can sometimes hurt you even if it is sometimes lightly said or subtle. I believe that our pride is sometimes overlooked by people as a heritage pride, but. I look at pride as a cultural pride. Filipinos are genuinely accepting people. We are also very caring and very loving people. We love to pull new people into our culture because we don’t want anyone to be sad even if we are sad ourselves. I don’t think that we are the type of people to get crushed by our pride, but. We do not care at all. If you are Filipino and successful, we are automatically proud of you. Not me, I have to see it for myself in order to be proud of a fellow Filipino artist.

Quick Judgement ;; I am guilty of this reason and so is many other Filipinos out there. Don’t lie and say that you don’t quickly judge someone based on their appearance alone and a person’s actions but we don’t even bother to look in between the lines. We don’t look at how the person is thinking which is pretty sad if you are asking me. But Filipinos aren’t just guilty of this, other ethnicities are guilty of this as well. Why? Because I’ve dealt with it. I’ve dealt with people not wanting to know what I know, they just assume that I’m not the person who knows things that they do. I’m the kind of person that puts work and effort into one plate and makes it look easy and quick to do. Time needs to be managed not used to your advantaged.

In the end, you just need to learn how to love and understand people. That’s what I’ve been doing but it is sometimes okay for people who you learned to accept, love, and understand to keep doing so. Because in the end if those people take you for granted, you will be the one doing something that they won’t be doing. You already have the resources handed to you. You just need to use it to your advantage. I love you all!

Till then.

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