By the Fireplace

I’ve been pondering and pacing around the floor back and forth and I’ve always been coming around to this story. If you ask this person about this story, he won’t probably remember the story all to well. But if he does, this is my way of saying: “hey, sorry that it took me this long to notice but opportunities to meet each other always comes around again so maybe in the future when we both aren’t focused on our careers.”

The story starts on my sixteenth birthday in California. It was August, but. Still. Chilly and cold, so I stayed by the fireplace where it was nice and warm. I was a little dazed into my daydreams when three people came up to me: One girl and two boys. They were all in college at the time probably their first year? But I can’t remember, exactly. But I do remember that they said they were going to UCLA in Southern California for college (which is probably why I’m into Legally Blonde so much — “I had a Bachelor’s degree from UCLA.” What are the odds?)

And the girl, of course, was a former friend of my twin cousins, Gaby and Bella. The girl ended up blocking them for no apparent reason. But the past is in the past. People will end up forgetting what it is that you despised them for.

But enough about that, back to the boy. So, when he talked to me, I was more interested in what the guy next to him had to say. Is that bad? Or is it just me making a really bad judgement on this guy who actually made an effort to talk to me? I seriously need to stop judging people. It’s so bad at times when it’s the person who wants to meet you and you say no because you don’t know him or don’t remember him.

My case was that I did not remember who he is. If I did remember who he was, I would have accepted my sister’s offer that her friend had given to her. However, my sister did not give me a name at the time because I remember telling my sister that: “did she give you a name? ‘Cause I might remember his name” and she said no, so I just shrugged and said: “no, I don’t know him” because I didn’t get a name. It just took me too darn long to piece all of the pieces together. I’m sorry! I’m so dumb and too slow at piecing the pieces together.

If you can relate to this story, leave a comment and tell me a shortened version of your story as I’d love to hear from you guys.

Till then!

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